Need lunch or dinner? Going to a festival or having a picnic? Choose from our fresh baked goods. We source and select from purveyors providing the freshest ingredients.

Although our menu changes daily and seasonally, you will always find options to satisfy your cravings.


Quiche ($6/slice)

Savory tarts ($5-7)

Soup ($5/cup)

Meat or vegetarian sandwiches ($8/each)

Meat or vegetarian savory rolls ($5/each)

Pasta al forno ($6/slice)

Vegetable ribbon tart ($7)


Cheese plate ($12)

Meat tray ($12)


Lemon polenta cake (($4/slice) GLUTEN FREE

Chocolate orange ricotta tart ($5/slice)

Matcha green tea pound cake with orange glaze ($4/slice)

Chocolate bourbon pound cake ($4/slice)

Cherry and almond frangipane ($5/slice)

Orange and pistachio frangipane ($5/slice)

Hazelnut biscotti ($1.25/each)

Chocolate and orange biscotti ($1.25/each)

Fig and almond biscotti ($1.25/each)

Sicilian almond cookies $1.25/each small, $2.25/each large) GLUTEN FREE

Chocolate espresso cookies ($2/each)

Biscotti al vino ($1.25/each)


Grissini ($2/bag) - bread sticks

Stecca ($1.50/each) - baguette

Focaccia plain ($2/slice)

Focaccia topped ($4/slice)

COFFEE BAR (Italian roast)

Espresso single $2.75

Espresso double ($4)

Macchiato ($2.75)

Americano ($2.75)

Cappucino ($3.75)

Latte ($3.75)

Shakerato ($3.75)

We can also provide whole tarts/quiches with advance notice.